A32 Ecological Roughs Mixture

Creates an ecologically valuable natural grassland habitat that is an alternative to standard roughs mixture but still offers good playability.

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A32 provides the perfect buffer between fairways and more off-line areas of play. It creates an easy to manage sward which can be maintained via infrequent cutting to create a thin, semi-rough environment that enables rapid ball retrieval and onward play. It also creates an ecologically valuable, natural grassland habitat, acting as an extension to wildlife-rich areas of thicker rough, such as A33 Habitat mixture.

Additional speces available on request - Tufted hairgrass, Wavy hair grass, Quaking Grass, Meadow foxtail and Golden oatgrass. 


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    Product Name A32 (Ecological Roughs Mixture)
    Mixture Breakdown 60.0% CORAIL STRONG CREEPING RED FESCUE (Festuca rubra rubra)
    15.0% SWEET VERNAL GRASS (Anthoxanthum odoratum)
    15.0% TENO TIMOTHY (Phleum bertolonii)
    5.00% CRESTED DOGSTAIL (Cynosurus Cristatus)
    2.5% ABERREGAL BROWNTOP BENTGRASS (Agrostis capillaris)
    2.5% ABERROYAL BROWNTOP BENTGRASS (Agrostis capillaris)

    Supplier: Germinal Amenity
    Web: germinalamenity.com
    Tel: 01522 868714
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    Usage Guide

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    Sowing Rate 20g/m2 (200kg/ha)
    Sowing Time March - October
    Sowing Depth 10mm
    Sowing Instructions Create a fine friable seedbed down to 150mm in depth. Carry out two equal sowings at right angles to each other and diagonally to main axis. Broadcast manually or use seed drill, rake level and roll. Ensure good seed to soil contact.
    Cutting Height As desired
    Minimum cuts per year N/A
    Overseeding Rate 15g/m2 (150kg/ha)
    Fertiliser Recommendation


    Supplier: Germinal Amenity
    Web: germinalamenity.com
    Tel: 01522 868714
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