The ultimate low maintenance mixture offering an economic and environmental solution to large amenity spaces.

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AberSustain is a self sustaining mixture perfect for open parkland areas, domestic lawns, road verges and for green roofs and solar parks. The mixture is unique because all the varieties used are UK bred varieties from the IBERS breeding programme, UK bred for UK conditions. All varieties are chosen to compliment each other perfectly and create a mixture that is environmentally and economically sustainable, perfect for the time in which we now live.

  • Fixes its own nitrogen
  • UK bred cultivars for UK conditions
  • Low maintenance
  • Drought resistance
  • Low nutrient tolerant
  • Clover flowers benefit bees and pollinators
  • Binds soil
  • Suitable for green roofs
AberAvon Perennial Ryegrass

The inclusion of AberAvon agricultural perennial ryegrass makes the mixture suitable for low intensity grazing when it is used for solar park or land reclamation sites. 
AberFleece Sheeps Fescue
The foundation of the mixture, AberFleece exhibits very short vegetative growth and will not typically exceed 140mm when left unmown. A dark green colour is exhibited through the year, and coupled with inherent drought and low nutrient tolerance and fineness of leaf, gives the mixture a strong base but fine appearance. 
AberCharm Slender Creeping Fescue
AberCharm produces a very dense compact sward with exceptional winter and summer greenness, which exceeded those of all other varieties in trials. Inherently fine leaved, drought tolerant and disease resistant, this stoloniferous grass supports the attributes of AberFleece and binds the mixture together. 
AberRoyal Browntop Bent
AberRoyal offers exceptional shoot density to assist AberCharm to bind the sward together, a very fine leaf and exceptional winter and summer greenness further ensure the sward has a good visual appearance. 
AberAce White Clover
AberAce is the smallest leaved white clover and this makes it perfect for blending into amenity swards so that the benefits of clover can be utilised without the plant dominating the grasses. AberAce has a very high stolon density, this allows it to fix on average 150kg N/ha, eliminating the requirement for additional fertilisers in amenity areas with low to medium intensity usage. White clover root systems improve soil structure and can help to overcome problems of soil compaction. 
Studies at IBERS have demonstrated improved soil structure resulting from a white clover component in the sward: 
  • White clover has been shown to significantly decrease the bulk density of soils and increase porosity
  • General movement of nutrients was improved, making them more available to plants and subsequently improving plant health

Improved soil structure is seen in the soil core with a high clover content as pictured below. 

White Clover


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Product Name AberSustain
Mixture Breakdown 5.00% ABERLASTING (SMALL) W CLOVER (Trifolium repens)
20.0% ABERCHARM SLENDER CREEPING RED FESCUE (Festuca rubra litoralis)
45.0% ABERFLEECE SHEEPS FESCUE (Festuca ovina)
10.0% ABERROYAL BROWNTOP BENTGRASS (Agrostis capillaris)
20.0% ABERWOLF (INT) DIP PER RYEGRASS ((Lolium perenne)

Supplier: Germinal Amenity
Web: germinalamenity.com
Tel: 01522 868714
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Usage Guide

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Sowing Rate 40g/m2 (400kg/ha)
Sowing Time March - October
Sowing Depth 10mm
Sowing Instructions Create a fine friable seedbed down to 150mm in depth. Carry out two equal sowings at right angles to each other and diagonally to main axis. Broadcast manually or use seed drill, rake level and roll. Ensure good seed to soil contact.
Cutting Height Down to 30mm
Minimum cuts per year 4
Overseeding Rate 20g/m2 (200kg/ha)
Fertiliser Recommendation

In the seedbed - Agrosil LR

Once established - None required

Supplier: Germinal Amenity
Web: germinalamenity.com
Tel: 01522 868714
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