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Family Lawn

A hardwearing, quick-establishing family lawn grass seed mixture designed to create the perfect lawn that can withstand heavy traffic and is great for families.

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A blend of fine-leaved dwarf perennial ryegrass and fescue, to provide a hard-wearing, high-shoot density lawn for domestic gardens.

Best grass seed for family lawns

The perfect lawn for families who just want a garden they can mow once every week or fortnight through the summer. This family lawn grass seed mixture is blended to guarantee quick germination, excellent wear tolerance and recovery after continuous use.

Key features

  • Quick to establish
  • Hardwearing
  • Great for families

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Specification carrat-down

Copy Specification
Product Name Family Lawn
Mixture Breakdown 95.0% PERENNIAL RYEGRASS (Lolium perenne)
5.00% STRONG CREEPING RED FESCUE (Festuca rubra rubra)
Supplier: Germinal Amenity
Tel: 01522 868714
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Usage Guide carrat-down

Copy Usage Guide
Sowing Rate 50 g/m2
Sowing Time March - October
Sowing Depth 10 mm
Sowing Instructions Create a fine friable seedbed down to 150 mm in depth. Carry out two equal sowings at right angles to each other and diagonally to main axis. Broadcast manually or use seed drill, rake level and roll. Ensure good seed to soil contact. For further details please refer to our guides and advice section creating and maintaing a lawn or refer to instructions on the back of the box.
Cutting Height Down to 25 mm
Minimum cuts per year 10
Overseeding Rate 20 g/m2
Fertiliser Recommendation

In the seedbed - GSR Tri-Phase

Once established - GSR Tri-Phase

NovaTec Premium (Autumn)

Supplier: Germinal Amenity
Tel: 01522 868714
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Q & A carrat-down

Product Questions

You recommend florobid permanent twin fertiliser for this seed but when I click the link I get the 404 error message . Can you help please ?
Question by: Roy Gardner on 16 May 2019, 14:12
Thank you for pointing out this error, we will get our IT team to take a look. Another fertiliser that we would recommend can be found at
Answer by: Lincoln Team on 22 May 2019, 10:04

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