Grass Seed Mixtures


Browse our specialist landscaping range of grass seed mixtures suitable for a wide variety of projects.

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  1. A2 (Quality Lawn)
    A2 (Quality Lawn)

    A mixture of fescues to create a fine textured formal lawn area.

    £88.50 £88.50
  2. A3 (Embankments & Drought)
    A3 (Embankments & Drought)

    A specially selected blend of species and varieties that will aid in the stabilistation of banks and tolerate dry soils.

    £86.00 £86.00
  3. A4 (Low Maintenance Areas) with Bag
    A4 (Low Maintenance Areas)

    A mixture of slower growing species that also tolerate low nutrient and drought conditions once established.

    £87.00 £87.00
  4. A6 (Supreme Shade)
    A6 (Supreme Shade)

    A specialist mixture to tolerate shade conditions created by trees or the built environment.

    £96.75 £96.75
  5. A15 (Reclamation Landfill)
    A15 (Reclamation Landfill)

    A proven mixture for use when capping off landfill sites or when landscaping ex industrial areas.

    £91.50 £91.50
  6. A16 (Reclamation Country Parks)
    A16 (Reclamation Country Parks)

    Creates a natural parkland sward for landfill sites or ex industrial areas.

    £94.75 £94.75
  7. A17 (Legume and Clover)
    A17 (Legume and Clover)

    Perfect as a green manure for areas awaiting cultivation or to stabilise top soil mounds while the soil is not being used.

    £168.25 £168.25
  8. A18 (Road Verge and Embankments)
    A18 (Road Verge and Embankments)

    Provides the perfect mixture for motor and road verges, suits the D.O.T specification.

    £92.25 £92.25
  9. A19 (All purpose Landscaping) with Bag
    A19 (All purpose Landscaping)

    An all purpose mixture suitable for lawns, road verges and general amenity areas.

    £79.25 £79.25
  10. A21 (Saline Coastal and Road Verges)
    A21 (Saline Coastal and Road Verges)

    A specially formulated mixture of grasses to suit salt spray areas or road verges that have high salt levels due to gritting.

    £98.50 £98.50
  11. A22 (Low Maintenance)
    A22 (Low Maintenance)

    Our most specified mixture, a unique mixture that creates an attractive, hardwearing low maintenance lawn.

    £87.25 £87.25
  12. A24 (Wear & Tear)
    A24 (Wear & Tear)

    A high quality general purpose mixture for when extra durability is required

    £90.50 £90.50
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