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  1. Webinar: Climate smart landscaping

    Webinar: Climate smart landscaping

    Germinal Amenity's director Richard Brown shares his insights on using slow-release fertilisers sustainably and how clover can play a vital role in climate smart landscaping.
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  2. Creating and maintaining a lawn

    Creating and maintaining a lawn

    When it comes to domestic lawns, sowing grass seed can be both a rewarding and challenging task. This guide provides landscape architects and contractors with all the essential practices, including detailed specifications for sowing grass seed and lawn maintenance tips.
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  3. Winter sports pitch maintenance

    Winter sports pitch maintenance

    This sports pitch maintenance guide covers all of the key practices, including creating new rugby pitches and closed-season and mid-season renovations.
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  4. Racecourse maintenance

    Racecourse maintenance

    While racecourses may not receive prolonged and intensive wear throughout the entire year, it’s significant that the action of the horses galloping can exert extreme downward force, especially in the landing area of fences.
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  5. Polo field maintenance

    Polo field maintenance

    The focus of polo grounds is to provide a stable surface to protect animal welfare. The surfaces need to be firm enough for the ball to run and soft enough for horses not to jar.
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  6. Grass tennis court maintenance

    Grass tennis court maintenance

    Germinal Amenity’s Sandy Pentecost is an expert in grass tennis court maintenance. Sandy’s guide includes seasonal maintenance techniques to improve the quality of your tennis courts.
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  7. Cricket pitch maintenance

    Cricket pitch maintenance

    Cricket is played on a surface that is possibly one of the most difficult to maintain. The grasses are subjected to extremes of maintenance regarding mowing and rolling, both of which greatly reduce the competitive ability of the plants to survive let alone thrive.
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  8. Bowling green maintenance

    Bowling green maintenance

    Paul Moreton of Germinal Amenity is an expert in bowling green maintenance. Check out Paul’s guide which covers grass seed selection and seasonal maintenance methods.
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  9. Football pitch maintenance guide

    Football pitch maintenance guide

    This football pitch maintenance guide covers all of the key practices, including creating new pitches and closed season and midseason renovations.
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