Fertilisers and Plant Nutrition

Learn about plant nutrition with Germinal Amenity guides from our team of FACTS qualified experts

  1. Plant nutrients and soil

    Plant nutrients and soil

    Grass plants require ease of access to hydrogen, oxygen and carbon. This is facilitated by good soil structure with a high proportion of macro pores which allow adequate gas exchange and movement of soil and water which are essential for root respiration and photosynthesis.
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  2. Types of Fertiliser

    Types of Fertiliser

    The two main types of fertiliser used in the amenity sector are granular fertilisers and liquids.
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  3. Applying fertilisers

    Applying fertilisers

    Granular fertilisers can be spread by hand or by using pedestrian or tractor mounted spreaders. The important thing is to make sure the fertiliser is spread uniformly and at the correct rate.
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