Management for Different Landscape Areas

Discover a host of guides and advice from our expert Germinal Amenity team on managing all types of landscapes from commercial to coastal areas.

  1. Sowing grass on commercial landscapes

    Sowing grass on commercial landscapes

    Specification for the seeding operation: The variation in site conditions and the proposed end uses make it difficult to offer a specification which satisfies all requirements.
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  2. Dealing With Impoverished or Contaminated Soils

    Dealing With Impoverished or Contaminated Soils

    Reclamation of derelict land: As a once-proud industrial nation, Britain has historically exploited its natural resources for energy, minerals and manufacturing materials and has inevitably created many thousands of hectares of industrial wasteland and redundant brownfield sites such London’s Olympic Park.
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  3. Coastal Reclamation

    Coastal Reclamation

    Coastal areas vary enormously from one part of the country to another, but establishing a good sward on or near a coastal site can be hampered by wind and sea erosion, growing medium, soil instability and the general lack of organic matter.
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  4. Low Maintenance Areas

    Low Maintenance Areas

    Widespread economic constraints have necessarily led to changes in attitude with respect to the management and maintenance of amenity grassland. Traditionally established practices have been brought into question, especially in the areas of ecology and conservation.
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