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Explore our guides and advice for maintaining and managing all types of amenity projects.

  1. Low Maintenance Areas

    Low Maintenance Areas

    Widespread economic constraints have necessarily led to changes in attitude with respect to the management and maintenance of amenity grassland. Traditionally established practices have been brought into question, especially in the areas of ecology and conservation.
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  2. Suitable Sites for Wild flora Projects

    Suitable Sites for Wild flora Projects

    In recent years there has been a great interest shown in the establishment of species within grassland and other wildflower areas. In this guide, we look at the necessary considerations in preparation for successfully establishing a wildflower meadow.
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  3. Sowing wildflowers into existing grass

    Sowing wildflowers into existing grass

    Wild Flora into Grass: In an ideal world, all wildflower sowings should be made into clean, weed-free ground. However, it is possible, given time, to introduce species into established grass.
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  4. Meadow Management

    Meadow Management

    Learn how to appropriately manage and maintain wildflower meadows with our expert guides for both spring and autumn sowed seeds.
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  5. Grass Species Traits

    Grass Species Traits

    There are many different grass seed varieties each which with its own unique traits. Understanding these characteristics allows us to select the most appropriate for suitable projects and environments.
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  6. Seed Production & Certification

    Seed Production & Certification

    Germinal have for many years been involved in the production of grass seed within the UK. Many varieties are contract grown and inspected by our own Government approved crop inspectors.
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  7. Sport Pitch Measurement

    Sport Pitch Measurement

    Accurate sowing of grass seed or fertilising can only be carried out if the area to be worked on is known.
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