Proactive seeding is a process of overseeding seasonally. By overseeding two to four times during the year, UK greenkeepers can increase their percentage of desirable grass species that can withstand disease and extreme conditions.

An alternative to fungicides

At Germinal Amenity, our technical representatives are constantly talking to greenkeepers to better understand the challenges they face on golf courses. With a decrease in fungicides, alternative strategies are needed to pre-emptively combat grass diseases such as anthracnose, fusarium and dollar spot.

A preventative measure

In testing, our researchers have found that prevention is an effective alternative to curative chemicals. Through proactive seeding, greenkeepers can significantly increase the proportion of grass species that are resistant to fungal diseases.

Proactive seeding on UK golf courses

UK greenkeepers can undertake a variety of seasonal overseeding methods throughout the year. You can read guides and case studies from top greenkeepers to explain the benefits of cold-seeding, spring overseeding and summer overseeding.


Spring overseeding

Summer overseeding

overseeding overseeding
Cold-seeding can start in late autumn or early spring to boost the survival rate of seedlings – read more here. Spring overseeding lets you outbreed vulnerable grass without requiring fungicides – read more here. Modern bentgrasses can tolerate close mowing and are ideal for summer overseeding – read more here.

You can also find information on Germinal’s top grass seed mixtures for golf courses – please contact us if you have any questions.