There is a solution to this issue in the form of Poa Supina, a native Alpine meadow grass that was originally introduced as a turf species in the 1970’s. Poa Supina is capable of growing in very shaded areas where the soil is unfavourable and continuously moist and will persist in an environment where other amenity grasses will fail due to the lack of light.

In terms of sports facilities, the areas most commonly affected by shading tend to be towards the rear of golf tees or in large stadiums where the stands cast long shadows – a problem that will be exacerbated during the winter months when the sun remains low.

General amenity areas and private gardens are also susceptible to excessive shading, with walls, trees, hedges and other structures all blocking light and creating the dark, damp conditions that are ideal for Poa Supina to thrive in.

Poa Supina prospers in these difficult conditions thanks to its ability to put out stolons (over ground stems) which, over time, help the grass to spread and occupy the once thin areas.

While most Poa Supina varieties are lighter in colour and less aesthetically satisfying than ryes and fescues, one variety, SUPREME, will produce a dark green, visually appealing sward which can grow in as much as 90% shade.

Another species from the meadow grass family which also copes well with shade is Poa Protensis which is more commonly known as Smooth Stalked Meadow Grass or, in the USA, Kentucky Bluegrass. Poa Protensis also has a dark green appearance as well as excellent wear tolerance and looks great throughout the year.

By combining 85% TETRIS (Poa Protensis) with 15% SUPREME (Poa Supina) Germinal’s A31 SUPREME TEES is the perfect mixture for shaded golf tees or any heavily shaded areas on golf courses or in sports stadia. A31 also offers above average disease resistance along with an unrivalled cleanness of cut and creates a uniform, hard wearing, disease free sward in even the most heavily shaded areas.

A31 SUPREME TEES can be sown from March to October at a rate of 15gms per m2 and is packaged in a handy 8 kg rodent-proof bucket for safe storage.

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