Floranid® Fertilisers

That’s as much as four times longer than conventional fertilisers which release their nutrients quickly, often in as little as 4 weeks. The Floranid range’s ability of to release nutrients over such as a long period from a single application is derived from the inclusion of two sources of slow release nitrogen: crotonylidene urea (Crotodur®) and isobutylidene diurea (Isodur®). Floranid fertilisers also contain a proportion of fast–acting nitrogen in ammonium and nitrate forms to provide an instant hit of nutrients.

The inclusion of crotonylidene urea and isobutylidene diurea (IBDU) gives Floranid fertilisers an Activity Index of 98–99% meaning that almost all the N supplied will be slowly and steadily released into a form which can be taken up by the sward for a period of up to 16 weeks.

Crucially, Isodur is only activated by the presence of water and soil temperatures above 4oC.  Similarly, Crotodur only releases its nitrogen when temperatures rise even further and requires microbial activity to enable its nutrients to be mineralised.  This prevents leaching and makes Floranid fertilisers perfect for sandy rootzones or cool autumn and spring conditions when biological activity is significantly reduced.

The unique formulation of Floranid products extends beyond their ability to release nitrogen up to four times longer than standard fertilisers: with the lowest salt index of all turf fertiliser products, Floranid products also ensure there is zero risk of scorching.

Floranid fertilisers also boast zero risk of leaching, making them the environmentally responsible choice.  This is in contrast to standard compound fertilisers which can lose up to 60% of their available N via volatisation to the atmosphere and via leaching through the soil profile into water courses.

The Floranid range can also be applied at a lower rate (35g/m2) compared to standard fertilisers (70g/m2).  This means fewer applications are needed, saving time and money and simplifying workloads.

The Floranid Twin range consists of five products, all of which have been specifically designed for use on sports pitches, golf courses, tennis courts and fine–turf sports facilities where a consistent and long–acting supply of nutrients is required.  With the exception of Floranid N 31, which is a nitrogen–only fertiliser, Floranid fertilisers also contain additional trace elements including boron, copper, iron, manganese and zinc to ensure healthy plant growth and strong cellular structure, thereby ensuring good resistance to disease and excellent wear tolerance.


Floranid Twin Permanent Floranid Twin Turf Floranid Twin Club Floranid Twin Eagle Master Floranid N 31
N–P–K 16–7–15 20–5–8 10–5–20 19–5–10 31–0–0
Additional nutrients 2% MgO + 0.5% Fe 2% MgO 4% MgO 2% MgO n/a
Trace elements Boron, copper, iron, manganese, zinc Boron, copper, iron, manganese, zinc Boron, copper, iron, manganese, zinc Boron, copper, iron n/a
IBDU N 37% 47% 60% 45% 23%
Spreading rate 35 g/m2 35 g/m2 35 g/m2 35 g/m2 35 g/m2
Period of usage March – October March –  September March – November March – September March –  September
Recommended use Turf, landscaping & horticulture Professional sports pitches Sports turf with low N requirement Fine sports turf Sports pitches, fairways, tees & lawns