golf greens overseedingWhen overseeding golf course greens, Allan adopts a proactive approach where he starts cold-seeding in autumn:

“We cold-seed, normally in November, as we have had great success with germination happening in March. Cutting heights are still reasonably high and the new seed has a greater chance of establishment – this process has worked well for me.”

A proactive seeding believer

After being successful with cold-seeding, Allan will be overseeding the golf greens of Ashford Manor four times in 2022: “Now that we have more bentgrass in our greens, we are progressing to summer overseeding as well.”

Allan revealed that trial and error was required before a successful golf course overseeding schedule could be established for the long-term, explaining, “We are now comfortable that our system is working for us at this site."

When asked why Ashford Manor has committed to proactive seeding, Allan shared two reasons: “Firstly, because we are seeing results. Secondly, to improve the consistency of the putting surfaces with more 007 bentgrass seed that has far greater disease resistance.”

Golf overseeding Methods

Sandy also found time to ask Allan about his preferred methods when overseeding golf course greens. In terms of success, Allan has been the most effective when using a Vredo overseeder to drill creeping bentgrass seed.

Allan was also eager to explain that he does not depend on a single overseeding method alone. During renovation periods, for example, there are times when he has simply used a drop seeder and achieved good results.

Allan’s preferred grass seed for golf greens

At Ashford Manor, Allan has decided to sow 007 creeping bentgrass seed “due to its disease resistance and ability to survive at low cutting heights.”

While Allan remains loyal to 007 bentgrass on greens, he has been impressed by the results of Cabrio grass seed elsewhere on the course:

“We also use Cabrio dwarf rye on tees and fairways, and even some areas of rough. Allan continues, “We have been impressed with its fineness of leaf and drought resistance.”

“We can now tailor our management practices towards managing the bentgrass over the Poa. If you want consistent, quality surfaces, then you can’t rely on Poa,” Allan concludes. “A long-term overseeding plan not only improves playability but also improves visual presentation.”

Learn how proactive seeding can help your golf course all year round.