As the number and scope of efficacious fungicides continues to dwindle, turf professionals must look to other, non–chemical, measures to prevent and control diseases such as fusarium.

The value of a preventative nutrition programme should not be underestimated: providing grass plants with the correct nutrients and trace elements will enable them to tolerate stress and resist disease threats.

This approach can be underpinned by the use of specialist fertilisers, which as well as providing the essential nutrients a plant needs to remain healthy, will also inhibit pathogens.

Vitanica RZ 5.0.5 is a liquid organic mineral NK–fertiliser which contains the Bacillus amyloliquefaciens rhizosphere bacterium, BaR6–CDX.  This seaweed derived bacterium delivers a two–fold benefit to high quality turfgrass by promoting strong plant and root growth, and inhibiting pathogens: it actively outcompetes harmful pathogens for space around the roots and produces antifungal substances which deliver an anti–biotic effect that further deters pathogens.  This results in increased plant vitality and reduced susceptibility to disease and abiotic stress.

Ba R6–CDX is more effective than other Bacillus strains as it penetrates deep into the rhizosphere, forming a barrier around the entire root structure through which soil borne fungi cannot penetrate.  At the same time, it produces antifungal substances which give an antibiotic effect that further deters pathogens.

Joe Hendy is Germinal Amenity’s Technical Sales Representative for the South West.  He has a wealth of technical amenity and turf grass experience and knowledge and is FACTS (Fertiliser Advisers Certification and Training Scheme) qualified.