grass seed for grass block pavers article

Grass block pavers can be produced from concrete (known as concrete grass pavers), recycled plastic or rubber and feature cells allowing grass to grow through.

The intention of grass paving is to provide a greener alternative to traditional driveways and paving made from concrete or asphalt.

Before attempting to establish plastic or concrete grass pavers, a landscape architect or contractor should consider the following:

Do you need drivable grass pavers?

If the answer is yes, then you need to firm up the ground to support the weight of vehicles and general heavy use. For this purpose, we would recommend a perennial ryegrass-based seed mixture.

Germinal A22 includes Vulcanus and Cabrio perennial ryegrasses that will establish quickly and withstand heavy use. Additionally, the Borluna Slender creeping red fescue content will add soil binding strength.

A22 requires regular mowing as the rye content grows more vigorously than a pure fescue-based grass seed mix. It will also benefit from two to three fertiliser applications each year to assist the growth of grass between pavers and prevent weed and disease ingress.

The growth habit of the plants is restricted within the cells, so keeping the grass healthy is imperative. Applying Germinal G4 fertiliser can help the sward stay strong.

Do you need to strengthen soil?

If the cells are required to strengthen soil, aid flood prevention, or improve drainage and will not have to tolerate heavy traffic, then a slower-growing grass seed mix is ideal.

Germinal A4 consists of slower-growing plants that require less mowing and nutrition. While A4 is less hard-wearing compared to a ryegrass mix, it requires less attention. Ultimately, the combination of fescues will bind the soil and have less vertical growth than ryegrass.

If grass fertiliser is needed, then applying Germinal G5 at least once a year can help keep the plant healthy.

Is a retaining wall or erosion protection required?

Cell stabilisation can also be used as a retaining wall or to protect against erosion. Where mowing is not possible, we would recommend an ecological mix.

Germinal AberSustain is a meadow grass seed mix with species that work harmoniously for a drought-resistant and self-sustainable sward that can survive on its own. And the good news is that AberSustain will not require any mowing or nutritional inputs.

For specialist advice on establishing pavers with grass in between, contact our amenity grass experts.