Golf Courses

Learn about grass varieties, seed mixtures, overseeding and recommended maintenance with our expert guides for golf courses.

  1. Golf Course Nutrition

    Golf Course Nutrition

    Fertilisers: Grasses should be fed during the growing season to encourage natural growth but not to force or stimulate unnecessary growth especially early in the year.
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  2. Tees and Fairways

    Tees and Fairways

    Golf Tees: Tees should always be designed so they can be maintained easily with reasonably sized equipment. Keeping a tee in good condition requires constant remedial work which can result in excessive wear.  Therefore, the larger the tee, the less the effect of wear will be.
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  3. Golf Greens

    Golf Greens

    The sheer volume of foot traffic causes many problems with maintenance, particularly on older golf courses which were never built to withstand such continuous heavy use. High-quality routine maintenance and renovation must be carried out by experienced greenkeeping staff if a course is to be kept in prime condition.
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