Sports Pitches

Discover a host of maintenance guides on various sports grounds including bowling greens, hockey pitches, and polo grounds.

  1. Racecourse and Polo Grounds

    Racecourse and Polo Grounds

    While racecourses may not receive prolonged and intensive wear throughout the year, it is significant to note that the action of the horses galloping can exert extreme downward force, especially in the landing area of fences.
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  2. Football and Rugby Pitches

    Football and Rugby Pitches

    The amount of wear imposed on grasses used in both football and rugby pitches can be extreme. And with playing seasons often extended due to inclement weather conditions, the off-season window – during which reparative works can be carried out – is often very short.
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  3. The Hockey Pitch

    The Hockey Pitch

    While synthetic pitches have gained a stronghold in the sport of hockey, at club level, many hockey pitches are part of a multipurpose turf area and a high-quality management is required for an optimum playing surface.
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  4. Cricket Grounds

    Cricket Grounds

    Cricket is played on a surface which is possibly one of the most difficult to maintain. The grasses are subjected to extremes of maintenance with regard to mowing and rolling, both of which greatly reduce the competitive ability of the plants to survive let alone thrive.
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  5. The Bowling Green

    The Bowling Green

    Bowls has always been a popular sport. Many bowling greens are in need of greater, more specialised maintenance as their usage increases. The management of both Crown Green and Flat Rink greens is in essence similar. The management of greens is designed to produce a uniform, fast, well-prepared surface.
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  6. Sport Pitch Measurement

    Sport Pitch Measurement

    Accurate sowing of grass seed or fertilising can only be carried out if the area to be worked on is known.
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