Fertilis Swing NK:
14–0–19, 2% MgO, 0.02% boron, 6.0% iron
Fertilis Speed:
18–5–10, 2.5% MgO0.02% boron, 0.3% iron and 0.02% zinc

Both fertilisers also contain the E4–CDX(R) strain of the Bacillus subtilis bacterium which has proven benefits in terms of protecting young plants from soil borne seedling diseases: this unique strain of the B.subtilis bacterium actively moves with the growing root system to provide ongoing protection against pathogens such as fusarium and anthracnose.

Fertilis fertilisers can be used from February through until September but are best applied when plants are at the seedling to young plant stage.  When used at this early growth stage they will help to improve plant vitality, promote root development, enable young plants to better tolerate stress and provide effective control of sub–clinical diseases.

The micro–granular formulation (0.5–1.5mm granule size) of both Fertilis products ensures prills are rapidly dispersed into the soil profile, thereby making nutrients immediately available for plant uptake.

As well as increasing microbial activity within the rootzone – a particularly important benefit in more inert sand–based soils – Fertilis fertilisers also help to protect against plant parasitic nematodes.