NovaTec Premium 15-3-20 (+2% MgO +TE)

NovaTec premium is a cost effective slow release fertiliser, especially useful as an autumn/winter or earlier spring starter.

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An effective slow release with ammonium stabiliser Dimethylpyrazolephosphate (DMPP). DMPP delays the degrading of ammonium (NH4+) into nitrate (NH3-). Retaining the nitrogen in the ammonium form (NH4+) means it stocks to negatively charged soil particles and stays in soil, whereas negatively charged nitrate (NH3-) leaches out of the soil and cant be utilised by the grass plant. 

NovaTec products are highly soluble due to the phosphorus content being derived from phosphoric acid which makes for the quickest availability to the grass plant. NovaTec products have a very uniform granule size with a high crushing strength, this leads to a lower dust content and coupled with the high solubility delivers a product that is easy to spread, pleasant to work with and disperses rapidly into the sward. 

  • 12-16 week release period
  • A high potassium content stiffens the leaf blade to protect growth from cold weather and sustain the plant against disease
  • Hardened growth keeps plants protected in cooler temperatures
  • Rapid dispersal into sward

Ammonia (NH4+) containing fertilisers
Ammonia (NH4+) containing fertilisers


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Analysis 15-3-20 (+2% MgO +TE)
Trace Elements Boron, Iron, Zinc
Granule Size 2.0-4.0mm

Supplier: Germinal Amenity
Tel: 01522 868714
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Usage Guide

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Spreading Rate 20-35g/m²
Period of Usage February - November
Spreading Instructions Carry out two equal spreading at right angles to each other and diagonally to the main axis.
longevity Up to 12 weeks in early Spring and Autumn when soil organisms are less active, approx 8 weeks in hieght of growing season when soil organism are most active.
Spreader table for Scotts Rotary Spreader: ACCUPRO 2000/SR2000


Bout width 2.5m

SR 2000

Bout width 3m

Product 35g/m2 17.5g/m2 35g/m2 17.5g/m2
NovaTec Premium O L/M P M
The spreader settings are guidelines only. The spreader should be calibrated prior to application to ensure accuracy. The spreader settings are based on a walking speed of 5km/hour. Walking faster or slower than 5km/hour will alter the speed width and application rate. Exact rates are dependent upon the spreader itself and the accuracy of the person operating it. 
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Supplier: Germinal Amenity
Tel: 01522 868714
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