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A climate smart clover for amenity spaces

New from Germinal Amenity, DoubleRoot is the world’s first hybrid clover to combine white clover and Caucasian clover.

The result is a highly durable clover that can be paired with grass to provide free clean nitrogen and reduce the need for chemical fertilisers in amenity settings. DoubleRoot also impresses with its ability to tolerate drought and for withstanding freezing temperatures down to -30°C.



DoubleRoot amenity mixtures

DoubleRoot amenity mixture hybrid clover


AberSustain has been developed to provide amenity spaces with a self-sustaining grass and clover mixture that delivers environmentally and economically. DoubleRoot's AberLasting hybrid clover variety has been blended with a mixture of grass varieties. This is to create a mix that fixes its own nitrogen, offers drought resistance, binds soil and yields other benefits.




A18 is tailored for road verges and embankments. Several resilient grass varieties have been combined in A18, with DoubleRoot's AberLasting hybrid clover variety included to fix 150 kg N/ha each year. This makes A18 a climate-smart solution by minimising the need for nitrogen fertiliser. Other benefits are rapid establishment, performance on variable soil types and gradients, and suitability for government specifications.



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