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007 Creeping Bentgrass: The resilient turfgrass for golf greens

007 creeping bent is world-renowned for offering superior turf quality, eliminating winter stress discolouration and being highly competitive against Poa annua.

007 Creeping Bentgrass: The resilient turfgrass for golf greens

This versatile and widely utilised turfgrass variety is highly regarded among greenkeepers for its exceptional characteristics. Here, we explore the key features that make 007 creeping bentgrass a popular choice on many golf courses.

What is 007 creeping bentgrass?

In a research partnership between Rutgers University and Dr. Richard Hurley, 24 parent plants were gathered from the US. These plants were then crossbred to produce a single cultivar with a wider, more diverse genetic base which was officially released in 2007.

This background enables 007 to deliver all the qualities of a top-rated creeping bentgrass, including prostrate growth habit, high shoot density and good wear tolerance.


Key benefits of 007 creeping bentgrass

Less nitrogen fertiliser required 

Older creeping bentgrass varieties can become stressed or experience undesirable growth patterns in response to high nitrogen levels. Whereas 007’s ability to thrive with lower nitrogen inputs and moisture requirements indicates a natural resilience, promoting healthier and more sustainable turf growth.

This makes 007 creeping bentgrass ideal for modern management where environmental and economic sustainability are key.

Disease resistant

To maintain the health and appearance of golf greens, resistance to diseases is crucial. 007 creeping bentgrass is known to be Dollar-Spot resistant and shows good all-around disease resistance, especially to Anthracnose, Fusarium and Snow mould, ensuring that playing surfaces remain vibrant and robust.

Widely adaptable to warm summers and cold winters

007 creeping bentgrass has been specifically bred for winter hardiness, allowing it to endure freezing temperatures without significant damage to the colour.

While originally developed for use in cooler climates, 007 creeping bent has demonstrated its ability to adapt to warmer regions after establishment on courses in areas with warm summers, showcasing its versatility and adaptability.

007’s ability to withstand both cold and warm conditions lies in its genetic traits, including rhizomatous growth, winter hardiness and fine leaf structure.

Salt tolerant 

In a study led by Dr Stacy Bonos, turfgrass breeder at Rutgers University, 007 emerged as one of the top-rated varieties for salinity tolerance. Notably, it outperformed Seaside II, a commonly promoted variety for its supposed higher salt tolerance among bentgrass varieties.

Suitable for low mowing heights 

Golf course management requires low mowing heights for greens. 007 creeping bentgrass is known for its tolerance to low mowing, allowing golfers to achieve the desired green speeds.

Fine texture

007 is valued for its fine texture, which contributes to the creation of a dense, lush turf with a smooth and uniform appearance. This fine texture enhances the aesthetic appeal of golf course greens and provides an ideal playing surface.

A creeping bentgrass trusted by top greenkeepers 

Over the recent years, numerous golf clubs across the UK have achieved notable success by incorporating 007 in a proactive seeding programme for their greens.

Phill Dodds, the course manager of Otley GC, highlighted several standout benefits of 007: "The reduced nutrition that’s required, the fact that it looks after itself, and especially with the ups and downs of the weather – it can handle variations in temperatures.”

007 Creeping Bentgrass: The resilient turfgrass for golf greens

Furthermore, Lee Purvis, the greenkeeper of Northenden GC, revels that "007 is the best surface to putt on bar none.”

For more information on proactive seeding, click here.

007 creeping bentgrass seed was sown at the highly successful 2012 Ryder Cup at the Medinah Country Club and the US Open at the Olympic Club. In the UK, 007 creeping bentgrass has been integral in upgrading the greens at Wentworth, which is home to the BMW Masters.

Germinal mixtures with 007 creeping bentgrass 

ForeFront Greens 

ForeFront Greens combines two British-bred browntop bentgrass varieties with 007, creating a seed mixture renowned for high disease and stress resistance.

This industry-leading blend features five Bentgrass species, offering wear and heat tolerance, and vigorous growth for modern golf greens.

Tour Pro (GDE)’s low input requirements mirror 007 DSB, enabling greenkeepers to outcompete with Poa annua by using management strategies that place Poa under stress.

Tour Leader

Tour Leader, another exceptional mixture, sets high standards with 007 DSB and Tour Pro (GDE). This blend stands out for its drought tolerance, wear resistance and adaptability to variable UK climates. By pairing the qualities of Tour Pro (GDE) and 007 DSB, Tour Leader ensures golf greens maintain optimal condition year-round.

Resistant to Dollar Spot, Anthracnose, Fusarium and Brown Patch, Tour Leader is adaptable to close mowing regimes and demonstrates low seedling mortality rates, facilitating faster species conversion away from Poa annua.

Incorporated in both ForeFront Greens and Tour Leader, Tour Pro (GDE) stands out as the premier choice for creeping bentgrass in the UK. Its consistent dominance, maintaining the top position on table G1 since 2022, solidifies its reputation as the top-rated mixture in the industry.

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