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Browse our specialist golf grass seed mixtures made with the finest grass seed varieties for exceptional quality.

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  1. 007 DSB Creeping Bent
    007 DSB Creeping Bent

    007 DSB Creeping Bent is world reknowned for offering superior turf quality, eliminates winter stress discolouration and is highly competitive against poa annua.

    £496.13 £496.13
  2. A8 Ultrafine Ryegreens
    A8 Ultrafine Ryegreens

    An outstanding combination of two of the most popular species for modern golf renovations. Blending top performing Ultrafine Ryegrass cultivars Cabrio and Escapade with the world famous Superbent 007, A8 is the contemporary choice for renovating your greens to cope with the current demand pressures.

    £124.13 £124.13
  3. A5 Cricket, Tennis and Tees with Bag
    A5 Cricket, Tennis and Tees

    An unrivalled mixture for containing Cabrio Ultra fine Ryegrass the highest rated variety for summer sports in the 2019 BSPB list.

    £90.50 £90.50
  4. A10 (Golf Tees & Divot Repairs)
    A10 (Golf Tees & Divot Repairs)

    Still one of our best selling mixtures for tees, offering exceptional wear tolerance and recovery.

    £88.05 £88.05
  5. A11 (Golf Greens)
    A11 (Golf Greens)

    A traditional fescue/bent mixture for golf greens containing top performing varieties exclusive to Germinal.

    £123.03 £123.03
  6. A12 (Golf Fairways)
    A12 (Golf Fairways)

    Designed to create an attractive fairway sward which offers good recovery from divots.

    £94.98 £94.98
  7. A13 (Golf Roughs & Habitat Areas)
    A13 (Golf Roughs & Habitat Areas)

    Creates an attractive roughs mix that is playable and adaptable to a range of mowing heights.

    £76.83 £76.83 As low as £67.50
  8. A27 (Golf All Fescue)
    A27 (Golf All Fescue)

    A high quality all fescue mixture suitable for golf greens, tees or fairways.

    £110.65 £110.65
  9. A28 (Ultrafine Ryegolf)
    A28 (Ultrafine Ryegolf)

    A28 is the finest ryegrass based mixture on the market due to the inclusion of Cabrio Ultra fine ryegrass. Perfect for green surrounds.

    £94.98 £94.98
  10. A29 (Cold Divot Mix)
    A29 (Cold Divot Mix)

    A cold active divot mix for tees and fairways.

    £77.00 £77.00
  11. A31 Supreme Tees
    A31 Supreme Tees

    A specialist mixture for shaded tees, succeeds where others mixtures for shaded areas have failed.

    £150.00 £150.00
  12. A32 Ecological Roughs Mixture
    A32 Ecological Roughs Mixture

    Creates an ecologically valuable natural grassland habitat that is an alternative to standard roughs mixture but still offers good playability.

    £123.75 £123.75
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