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Browse our specialist range of sports grass seed mixtures made with the finest varieties of grass.

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  1. A1 Bowling Green Grass Seed Bag
    A1 Professional Bowls

    A1 bowling green grass seed is a professional mixture containing top-rated cultivars exclusive to Germinal Amenity.

    As low as £123.05 £123.05
  2. Touchline and Goalmouth Repair Seed
    Goal Mouth and Touchline Repairs

    Goal Mouth and Touchline Repairs is a package with fertiliser for the entire pitch and enough grass seed to renovate two goal mouths, both touchlines and the centre spot.

    As low as £789.00 £789.00
  3. Full Pitch Renovation Sports Grass Seed & Fertiliser
    Full Pitch Renovation

    Full Pitch Renovation contains enough grass seed to overseed an entire pitch, plus enough fertiliser to feed the entire pitch during the grow-in period.

    As low as £1,201.00 £1,201.00
  4. Pro-Pitch Renovation Football Pitch Renovation Pack
    Pro-Pitch Renovation

    Pro-Pitch renovation contains grass seed to overseed an entire pitch along with enough fertiliser so you can feed the entire pitch during the grow-in period.

    As low as £1,619.40 £1,619.40
  5. A30 Grass Seed for Winter Sports Pitches
    A30 Rapid Sports Renovator Plus

    Our best-selling grass seed for winter sports pitches renovation. This mixture is intended for sports contractors seeking to produce a resilient and high-performing surface.

    As low as £90.05 £90.05
  6. A5 Cricket, Tennis and Tees with Bag
    A5 Cricket, Tennis and Tees

    A5 Tennis, Tees, and Cricket Pitch Grass Seed is an unrivalled mixture. The original and still the best, A5 is unsurpassed for fineness of leaf and overall quality of varieties.

    As low as £90.50 £90.50
  7.  A7 Olympic Sports Ground – Stadium Grass Seed
    A7 Olympic Quality Sports Ground

    A stadium grass seed mixture designed specifically to create the ideal sward perfect for sports all year round, from football in the winter to athletics in the summer.

    As low as £88.75 £88.75
  8. A9 General Outfield – Sports Field Grass Seed
    A9 General Outfield

    A great cost-effect sports field grass seed mixture for municipal sports pitches that see play all year round.

    As low as £88.65 £88.65
  9.  A14 Horse Racing Grass and Polo Grounds Mixture
    A14 Racecourse and Polo Grounds

    A proven horse racing grass and polo mixture used at some of the country’s top racecourses and polo grounds.

    As low as £82.75 £82.75
  10. A20 – Grass Seed & Fertiliser for Winter Sports Pitches
    A20 Premier Ryesport

    Our top-spec grass seed for winter sports pitches, A20 is the choice of many top groundsmen across the UK.

    As low as £91.15 £91.15
  11. A999 Rescue - Winter Grass Seed for Sports Pitches
    A999 Rescue

    A999 is a winter grass seed mixture for when winter sports pitches need sowing in the late Autumn or early Spring.Top of Form

    As low as £85.10 £85.10
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