Grass Seed Mixtures


Expertly selected grass varieties blended together to create a range of high quality domestic seed mixtures suitable for both overseeding and creating a new lawn.

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  1. A26 (So Green)
    A26 (So Green)

    A dark green mixture sutiable for lawn and landscape areas where visual impact is a key requirement. Available in smaller boxes for domestic lawns

    £10.73 £10.73
  2. Lawn Restorer
    Lawn Restorer

    Designed for lawn restoration and patch repair at any time of year. Family lawn seed for quick establishment and G1 fertiliser to boost growth.

    £15.90 £15.90
  3. Family Lawn
    Family Lawn

    A hardwearing quick establishing mixture creating a lawn perfect for families at play.

    £8.23 £8.23
  4. Luxury Lawn
    Luxury Lawn

    A mixture to produce a finer more asethetically pleasing lawn than a general back lawn mixture. For the enthusiast this lawn can be mown very tight and maintained like a croquet lawn for an even finer finish.

    £8.80 £8.80
  5. Shaded Lawn
    Shaded Lawn

    A mixture of grass species that tolerate shade conditions. Suitable for all shade areas but particular affective around broad leaved trees. 

    £9.44 £9.44
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