Wildflower seed mixtures

Garden wildflowers

Choose your ideal mixture from a range of specially selected garden wildflowers based on soil type, shade and visual appearance.

Explore our range of wildflower mixtures, including options such as WF1 Flowering Meadow, WF10 Cornfield Annuals and WF19 Pollinators Paradise.

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  1. WF1 Flowering Meadow
    WF1 Flowering Meadow

    A mixture of annual and perennial flowers to create stunning floral areas with a long flowering period.

    As low as £34.08 £28.40
  2. WF10 Cornfield Annuals with Bag
    WF10 Cornfield Annuals

    A mixture of native cornfield annuals to create seasonal colour and interest in a variety of situations.

    As low as £24.36 £20.30
  3. WF17 Cultivated Annuals with Bag
    WF17 Cultivated Annuals

    A mixture of native and ornamental annuals to provide a floral display from Early April - September.

    As low as £24.48 £20.40
  4. WF19 Pollinators Paradise with Bag
    WF19 Pollinators Paradise

    Designed specifically to be an abundant food source for Bees and Pollinators.

    As low as £37.02 £30.85
  5. WFG18 Butterfly & Honeybee
    WFG18 Butterfly & Honeybee

    A mixture designed to maximise benefit to bees and pollinators both as a food source and an egg laying habitat.

    As low as £18.60 £15.50
  6. WFG2 Flowering Meadow
    WFG2 Flowering Meadow

    Our most popular meadow mixture. The carefully selected range of native and some non native species creates an attractive habitat with a long flowering period for any size of area.

    As low as £17.64 £14.70
  7. WFG8 Hedgerows and Shaded Areas with Bag
    WFG8 Hedgerows and Shaded Areas

    A mixture of species which prefer or tolerate semi shade conditions, perfect for along hedgerows or in dappled shade.

    As low as £94.80 £79.00
  8. Native Meadow Maker - Overseeding Mix
    Native Meadow Maker - Overseeding Mix

    A mixture of common UK native annual and perennial species, formulated for the purpose of increasing wildflower species in exiting grasslands.

    As low as £322.14 £268.45
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