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Discover our range of wildflowers with mixtures designed for domestic gardens.

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  1. WF1 Flowering Meadow
    WF1 Flowering Meadow

    A mixture of annual and perennial flowers to create stunning floral areas with a long flowering period.

    £32.64 £27.20
  2. WF17 Cultivated Annuals
    WF17 Cultivated Annuals

    A mixture of native and ornamental annuals to provide a floral display from Early April - September.

    £22.80 £19.00
  3. WF19 Pollinators Paradise
    WF19 Pollinators Paradise

    Designed specifically to be an abundant food source for Bees and Pollinators.

    £30.60 £25.50
  4. WFG18 Butterfly & Honeybee
    WFG18 Butterfly & Honeybee

    A mixture designed to maximise benefit to bees and pollinators both as a food source and an egg laying habitat.

    £18.06 £15.05
  5. WFG2 Flowering Meadow
    WFG2 Flowering Meadow

    Our most popular meadow mixture. The carefully selected range of native and some non native species creates an attractive habitat with a long flowering period for any size of area.

    £16.02 £13.35
  6. WFG8 Hedgerows and Shaded Areas
    WFG8 Hedgerows and Shaded Areas

    A mixture of species which prefer or tolerate semi shade conditions, perfect for along hedgerows or in dappled shade.

    £9.12 £7.60
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